Jason's Collection

Jose's Bizarre Adventure

Photo Editing - Photomontage

For this project, we were asked to mix multiple photos to create a brand-new composition. I used pictures of my good friend Jose to create a poster inspired by the famous anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I am very proud of the result.

Robin's Bizarre Adventure

Photo Editing - Photo Gallery

This project is similar to the Photomontage one. Again, I took inspiration from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Since this artwork was our last photo editing project, you can see the difference in quality compared to the previous photomontage work.

One For All

Comms - Pixel Art

For this project, we had to make some pixel art in Excel. I decided to draw Deku from "My Hero Academia". This design was quite complicated since every pixel was a different shade of color.

Pokémon Trainer Jason

Illustration - Analogue to Digital Illustration

For this project, we had to digitize a sketch. I decided to draw myself alongside my favorite Pokémon: Bulbasaur. This is my favorite work of the semester.

Itadori Yuji and Divine Dog

Illustration - Sketching

For this assignment, we simply had to make a sketch. I decided to draw Itadori Yuji, the main character of the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”, hugging a divine dog.

Deadly Invitation

Graphic Design - Folding Card Envelope

In this project, we had to make an envelope. I decided to create another disturbing product, which includes a somewhat threatening message and some blood stains.


Illustration - Expressive Typography

In this project, we had to create a poster that depicts some form of typography. I decided to design a sinister poster, twisting the “rest in peace” saying.

Smash Bros. Calendar

Comms - Calendar

Here, we had to make a thematic calendar. Mines was based on the popular fighting game “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate”. Each month was attributed to a different fighter, creating a nice sense of continuity.

Rosalina's Story

Comms - Booklet

For this project, we had to print out a small story in the form of a booklet. I decided to use a story from the “Super Mario Galaxy” game. The design is relatively simple, including a few images and an easy-to-read font.

Jason's Photo Gallery

Web1 - Image Gallery

This was our very first Web1 Project. We simply had to make an image gallery. I decided to show some photos taken during the photo walk and pictures of some of my interests.

The Alphabet War

Intro to Graphic Design - Alphabet Poster

For this assignment, we had to design a poster exclusively using the 26 letters of the alphabets. I decided to create a picture that displays a battle between the first and the second half of the alphabet.

Swirling Sun Spiral

Illustration - Mandala

Next up is the Mandala project. With the use of various shapes and lines, we had to make an intricate design. I took heavy inspiration from the sun to create this mandala.

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